"1976 SURFER" Only 2700 ever made

Without a doubt this is one real sexy pinball machine. Out of all my machines, this ones my fav. Play is fast and always a good battle to beat it. . Gottlieb is a genius definitely got this one right.

The artwork has a retro feel and anything Surf related has to be way cool. The drop targets only reset after all the rollovers are completed, My favorite move on this one is to see how many times in a row you can pop it into the outhole off the bumper, we often have a contest to see who can do it the most in one game. It has everything target and shot wise you could want in an EM. At this point I can hit the spinner almost at will, and it seems to go on forever.

"One of the Top 5 EM'S ever made in my opinion"












"surfer girl"