December 1987 was the year for SPACE STATION

"This is a HUO one owner game only one on planet earth"


This has got to one of the best games Williams made in the eighties. Dock two balls on each side, then launch for multi-ball and the light show is and sound are amoung the best..not annoying like so many games done by Chris Granner, whose cheap synthesised keyboard, sound as though it was done with a childs toy. I especially like the sounds made when the ball hits either slingshot. Beautiful, beautiful game.

Music is really unbeatable, togheter with Swords of Fury the very best in all pinball history. Amazing atmospheres, terrific light shows. Gameplay is classic System 11: quick, challenging, furious games. Set up this beauty right and the reward is glorious.



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shipping photos



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Here are some sample photos of my wrapping job