1976 Bally Hang Glider (em) Pinball Machine

I was 12 years old when Hang Glider was released in late 1976. But for my age I was already a fairly accomplished player.

From 1972 until the mid '80's we spent every summer ALL summer at campgrounds. During the week there was NOTHING to do and all the kids I hung out with only went camping on the weekends, so my parents would get me "out of their hair" by giving me quarters to go hang out at the game-room. One campground had Bally's Bow and Arrow for several summers and I loved the game, and it wasn't uncommon for me to have 10 games racked up. But the other camp we went to had an worn out Hang Glider. I HATED the game at the time, I couldn't win a game to save my life!

So 34 years later I decide I want to relive my youth and what do I do? Restore a Freakin' Hang Glider. I love this game for all the reasons I hated it then. It's still just tough enough to keep me coming back for more. This is my third and final Hang Glider.




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