1977 Bally EVEL KNIEVEL 100% Chrome With Pinscore Displays

( This game has A NEW Play-field OVERLAY )

The artwork by Paul Faris is incredible , especially the backglass detail . Look at Evel's jumping Sportster . Now look closer , new stuff jumps out at you , like the Faris - Gayton tank . The game uses some Harley Davidson logos , like the red , white & blue number one and the eagle without displaying the brand out right . The girls in the number one tee shirts should have been wearing long sleeve sweatshirts because it was cold that day , but I'm not complaining . The animated jumping motorcycle at the backbox top is cool , but could have been tied to game progression instead of random all the time . Spelling supercycle is really tough . The number one spinner lanes are sweet , the right one is tough to roll . It's impossible to find one of these with a nice playfield due to game popularity , they got played to death.