The art package is way way over the top, I cannot find a single area that would need improved or changed.

Playfield art, cabinet art, and backglass art in my opinion is the best work Stern has ever produced. I'm really digging all the effort in the hand drawn art Stern is doing these days, instead of just scanning cookie cutter images and slapping them on the game. The sound matches the theme perfectly, but I am really impressed with Sterns "non licensed" soundtracks accessed by changing option 85 in the game feature menu. Very well done. There is some inconsistent volume issues with code 1.00 thru 1.02 where certain effects get distorted, or at times the callouts are not timed correctly.

Approachability was spot on, and to top it off, it never gets boring. The game awards multi balls easily for the inexperienced players, yet seems to have endless code for the pro players. The upper playfield is not a gimmick as some have suggested, it really takes a skill to keep the ball in play, not to mention the shot to get there in the first place.

Overall what Stern lacked and bombed on their 2017 release of Star Wars, they made up for in all three editions of The Mandalorian.











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